Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ

Best Wedding, Ever, Starts Here.

Greg & Janet

They met in Chelan on respective bachelor and bachelorette parties. A few months later, they were engaged; and on November 5th, an email from Janet arrived in my email inbox with the tentative wedding details. I couldn’t have been more happier or excited to make the trip all the way to Harmony Meadows, mere minutes from where Greg & Janet first met to DJ their wedding reception.

And what a truly magical, special night it was; there is no way I’ll ever forget it.

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Future Anniversary Notes | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ

Future Anniversary Notes: A Simple, Brilliant Idea for Your Wedding Reception

Sometimes the simplest of interactive ideas can create the biggest impact upon your guests. Last night, the couple I had the honor to MC & DJ for, Jessica & Matthew, asked me to include one of my suggested presentation ideas, Future Anniversary Notes, as a part of their wedding reception. It was well-received and for the next ten years, Matthew and Jessica will have something to look forward to: reading messages from their closest family and friends – both young and old! –  who were in attendance at one of life’s most memorable occasions.

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Cory & Meghan

Cory & Meghan love to throw parties. And we’re not talking your average, invite-a-few-friends-over party, we’re talking HUGE parties. The kind of parties that required bouncers. So, it was no surprise that they wanted their wedding reception at Alderbrook Resort & Spa in Union, Washington to be the best party they’ve thrown for their family and friends yet.

Mission accomplished.

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Coley & Mac | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ

Coley & Mac

Coley was an Ohio girl. Mac was a starting linebacker for the Penn State Nittany Lions. Together, they make for an awesome pairing who celebrated their wedding reception at one of my favorite destination wedding venues in the Pacific Northwest, Swiftwater Cellars at Suncadia Resort. And if you are a regular reader to the Reception Recaps section of my blog, you know all about all of the awesome wedding celebrations I’ve been a part of out there.

Well, Coley and Mac just added their wedding reception to that list.

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Carden & Greg | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ

Carden & Greg

There are two absolutely perfect nights to celebrate a wedding: New Year’s Eve and The 4th of July. And if I had to choose, I would go with The 4th of July as my pick for the perfect night for a wedding – mainly for the warm weather and fireworks. Lucky for me, Carden & Greg chose me to be their MC & DJ for their wedding reception at Chambers Bay – and it was a total blast (pun 110% intended!).

And because Greg asked – and because I try to pull out all the stops for my clients that are actively serving/have served – Carden & Greg’s wedding was the debut of my exclusive, brand new white DJ desk. You can see it in one of the photo below – it’s an absolute beauty and I cannot wait to bring it out to as many of my Puget Sound weddings as I can!

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Chelsea & Chris | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ

Chelsea & Chris

It’s no secret that Roche Harbor Resort is one of my favorite destination wedding venues in the Pacific Northwest; every wedding reception I’ve ever performed at there is a magical, unforgettable night. And such was the case for Chelsea & Chris’ wedding reception: an epic celebration that left guests of all ages wishing for – and chanting for! – just one more song.

And if it wasn’t for Roche Harbor’s 11 pm sound ordinance, I truly believe Chris & Chelsea’s wedding would have rocked the Roche Harbor Pavilion until six in the morning. Yes indeed, it was that kind of group and definitely one of those nights.

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Mark & Adina | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ

Adina & Mark

After nearly a decade of DJing weddings, one thing has always remained true: I never feel like I’m performing the same wedding twice. I’m fortunate to work with some awesome couples who want to stay away from what is the perceived standard of a wedding reception. Adina & Mark is one such couple, as they heavily, heavily, heavily featured the 80s throughout their wedding reception.

And I’m not going to lie: Adina & Mark’s wedding reception was one of the most refreshing dance floor sets I have DJ’d in a while. I enjoyed myself immensely as we flipped through everything 80s: from Pop to Rock to New Wave, and everything in between. And their guests loved it – most were Adina & Mark’s friends – and the objective was simple: give everyone the perfect date night out, sans the kids.

Mission: Accomplished.

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McKenzie & Alex | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ

McKenzie & Alex

It’s 3:00 am and I just got home from McKenzie & Alex’s wedding at Tierra Retreat Center just outside of Leavenworth. Two things: one, what an AWESOME party despite the fact the weather didn’t cooperate day of and had us resort to Plan B, and two, I’m not sure what I was thinking driving to and from Leavenworth in the same day. Thank you to adrenaline from the dance floor and Matt, who was tonight’s photo booth host for The Puget Sound Photo Booth Co., who trailed behind me and kept me awake. I’m only a young 30, but I’m too old to do that ever again. 😉

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Bridal Party vs. Wedding Party | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ

Bridal Party vs. Wedding Party

Perhaps the biggest misnomer in the wedding industry is the use of bridal party vs. wedding party. Many wedding vendors will use bridal party to incorrectly describe the bride, groom, and their bridesmaids and groomsmen, where as wedding professionals will use the correct term, wedding party. Hence, the distinction in why I use the terms wedding vendors vs. wedding professionals, as professionals are experts in their field, and experts use the correct terminology.

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Timeless First Dance Songs, Part Three | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ

Timeless First Dance Songs, Part 3

And now, let’s finish our review of 75 timeless First Dance songs – from classic hits to modern selections – with the final 25 song selections of the list. And as mentioned before, please use these song lists as a starting point in your search for the perfect First Dance song for your wedding.

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