Austin & Aarthy

September 15, 2012
Austin & Aarthy

At each and every wedding I do, there is always one formality presentation I perform that I’ll never forget. For Aarthy and Austin’s wedding reception at The Westin Bellevue in Bellevue, it was their Grand Entrance in which wedding party pairing performed a “song skit”. Now, I have been doing song skits for a couple of years now, but this one was the most creative, as each pairing take their skit to the next level.

Our first pairing, Steph & Tarang, entered the room to “Cotton Eyed Joe” with a quick edit to “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” – all while donning cowboy hats and boots. The bar was set: Austin & Aarthy’s guests quickly caught on to what “song skits” were all about.

Next, Amanda & Sean performed a skit to Nelly’s “Batter Up”. Following them were Heather & Dylan, who reenacting a triathlon: Dylan rode his mountain bike into the ball room, Heather swam in wearing a swim cap, goggles, and flotation devices, and then from across the room they ran to each other for a huge embrace on the center of the dance floor. Alfonso & Kathy entered next and performed the “Jump On It” dance from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and finally, JT & Sindhu took the entire room to the next level with their “Walking on Sunshine to Punjabi MC” edit – as a majority of the guests loved to dance to Bollywood-type tracks. And then, fittingly, Austin & Aarthy entered to “Let’s Get It Started” – the perfect start to an incredible night I was truly honored to be a part of.

Tony Schwartz

Musical Selections

Prelude: Classical

Ceremony Selections

Dinner: Classic Love Songs, Mid-Tempo Contemporary

Formal Selections

Dancing: Top 40, Motown, Rock & Roll, 80s, Bollywood

Photo Courtesy: Mle.Jayne Photography