Brian & Melissa

November 14, 2015
Brian & Melissa

I always get excited when performing at a venue for the first time. Couple that with a really cool duo – Brian proposed to Melissa at a Seahawks game! – and you can only imagine how excited I was on my way out to Port Gamble the morning of Brian & Melissa’s wedding day. It’s such a neat little spot, and the Port Gamble Pavilion offers both an inside and outside option for the reception. Obviously, since it was November, Brian and Melissa elected the inside option.

And inside the Port Gamble Pavilion, we had a ton of interactive fun with Brian & Melissa’s family and friends! Here’s a couple of the highlights:

For Melissa & Brian’s Grand Entrance, you’ll note a unique – perhaps even interesting! – song choice: “Down With The Sickness” by Disturbed. It’s a very hard rock song, which Brian loves (and I like to play it when I’m at the gym). Hard rock is very difficult to incorporate at a wedding without turning off a ton of guests, but during our planning meetings, I pitched this song as a part of a Grand Entrance presentation idea. Fortunately for Brian, Melissa liked the presentation idea and signed off on the song.

Speaking of Melissa, she’s awfully sweet. After Brian tossed an autographed Seahawks football with Melissa’s garter wrapped around it, she approached him and presented him with a surprise gift: a second signed Seahawks football! She’s a keeper, Brian!

And that was just a few of the cool moments Melissa & Brian created for their wedding reception. I can’t wait to see the photos Van Wyhe Photography captured – Gabriel & Jaci always do such a nice job; plus they are super cool people to chat and catch up with!

Brian & Melissa, a big congratulations to both of you! It was an honor to serve you, and I wish you both the best of luck in all you do. I couldn’t wish that for two nicer people.

Tony Schwartz

Brian & Melissa’s Five-Star Review

Tony made our wedding “the funnest” our guests have ever attended. We took many suggestions from his big book of ideas/planning guide that he had sent home with us. We had so much fun giving our guests a good time and a wedding that was different than what they were already used to.

It’s clear that Tony loves what he does. He is excellent at all aspects from start to finish. Before we met him, we met with one of his competitors. When we mentioned that we wanted to talk Tony before we committed to their services, their disposition changed. They knew they couldn’t compete and had lost the sale.

Tony didn’t have to make the sale, he just did what he’s done for years. His experience, quality customer service, ease of conversation, and general presentation put us at ease. We knew we were in good hands and that he would give us and our guests the wedding that we had always wanted.

Thank you, Tony! You are the best!

Musical Selections

Prelude: Classical Strings & Piano Selections

Ceremony Selections

Cocktail Hour: DJ’s Choice

Grand Entrance (Brian & Melissa): Disturbed – “Down With The Sickness”

Dinner: DJ’s Choice

Formal Selections

Dancing: Motown, Big Band & Swing, Oldies, Classic Rock & Roll, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, R&B, Country

Photo Courtesy: Van Wyhe Photography