Perhaps the biggest misnomer in the wedding industry is the use of bridal party vs. wedding party. Many wedding vendors will use bridal party to incorrectly describe the bride, groom, and their bridesmaids and groomsmen, where as wedding professionals will use the correct term, wedding party. Hence, the distinction in why I use the terms wedding vendors vs. wedding professionals, as professionals are experts in their field, and experts use the correct terminology.

Now, some have argued that the traditional meaning of bridal party does incorporate both sides of the wedding party. I have yet to find any convincing empirical evidence of this in my Google research. And since it is 2016 and weddings have evolved, I believe the term wedding party is a better descriptor and will continue to use it in my speech as a Master of Ceremonies. So, here is the difference between the terms bridal party vs. wedding party, as well as what terminology to use when describing the groom’s side of the wedding party:

Bridal Party
When using the term “bridal party“, one is referring to:

  • the bride
  • the bridesmaids
  • the flower girl(s)
  • the junior bridesmaids
  • the bride’s parents and grandparents

Groom’s Party
When using the term “groom’s party“, one is referring to:

  • the groom
  • the groomsmen
  • the ring bearer(s)
  • the junior groomsmen
  • the groom’s parents and grandparents

Wedding Party
When using the term “wedding party”, one is referring to:

  • the bride and the groom
  • the bridesmaids and the groomsmen
  • the flower girl(s) and the ring bearer(s)
  • the junior bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • the parents and grandparents of both the groom and the bride

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