Colin & Brittany

What can one say about a couple like Brittany & Colin? All they wanted their wedding reception to be was epic fun, and I believe we nailed it. These two loved games and video games, and throughout the night little ties in were made. For example, Colin’s son, Thaine, saved the day when the officiant, Matthew, asked for the rings – which apparently none of the groomsmen had with them. But alas, Thaine was our hero as he stood up, said “I got them!” delivered the rings to the altar as I played the treasure chest sound effect from The Legend of Zelda . Or, for the Dollar Pass game, the background music in which to pass the dollar to was the Super Mario Bros. theme.  Little things make a difference.

We also flipped the entire script on this reception and ran with an East Coast style reception itinerary, which typically provides more dancing time – something Colin & Brittany both wanted. Within moments of the Grand Entrance (the song skits were hilarious – well done wedding party!) and Brittany & Colin’s First Dance, guests were on the dance floor until it was time for the serving of the entrees.  Then, we moved into Toasts, followed by Colin’s dance with his mother, Song, and then Brittany’s dance with her father, Greg. Why did we switch the order? Because Greg & Brittany had a special little surprise at the end of their dance: Haddaway’s “What Is Love?” was scratched in and they busted out some funky dance moves which led to getting everyone back on the dance floor.

But Colin & Brittany had one more surprise left up their sleeve, or should I say… pant leg. After the Cake Cutting, it was time for the Bouquet Toss. Right as Brittany went to toss the bouquet, it was revealed that Colin was wearing the garter, and as a result, Brittany removed the garter from Colin’s leg while he held her bouquet! Once removed, Colin tossed the bouquet to the ladies, and Brittany tossed the garter to the men and the party was fully rockin’ until the sparkler send-off to conclude Brittany & Colin’s EPIC night!

Don’t forget to check out the photos below – the uplighting and monogram I provided really enhances the photos!

Musical Selections

Prelude: Classical Selections

Ceremony Selections

  • Family: Fi’s Gratitude – “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”
  • Wedding Party: Final Fantasy XIII – “Vanille’s Theme”
  • Bridal Procesion: Final Fantasy XII – “A Flower Blooming In The Slums”
  • Recessional: Halo 4 – “Green & Blue (KOAN Sound Remix)”

Cocktail Hour: Soft Classic Crooners

Dinner: Mellow Contemporary

Formal Selections

  • Grand Entrance (Wedding Party): Song Skits
    • Daft Punk – “Get Lucky”
    • LMFAO – “Shots”
    • Tom Jones – “It’s Not Unusual”
    • Bruno Mars – “Treasure”
    • Psy – “Gangnam Style”
    • J-Kwon – “Tipsy” into Toby Keith – “Red Solo Cup”
  • Brittany & Colin’s Grand Entrance: Far East Movement – “Rocketeer”
  • First Dance: Jack Johnson – “Always Better When We’re Together”
  • Mother/Son Dance: Louis Armstrong – “What A Wonderful World”
  • Father/Daughter Dance: The Little Mermaid – “Main Titles” into Haddaway – “What Is Love”
  • Cake Cutting: DJ’s Choice
  • Bouquet & Garter Switch: Beyonce – “Single Ladies” into LMFAO – “Sexy & I Know It”
  • Last Dance: DJ’s Choice

Dancing: Top 40, Big Band & Swing, Classic Rock, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, Oldies

Photos Courtesy: John McIntosh.