Danny & Ashley

Wow! What a wedding! I was so excited to get to work with Ashley & Danny – they are such a sweet couple, one of my favorites! – and I was even more excited to plan, design and execute a production wedding for them, as these are my favorite “Really Cool Weddings” to produce.

When I am asked to define “production wedding”, I usually start talking about a wedding like Ashley & Danny’s: a full-on audio, visual, and lighting experience. Here’s the production setup for Ashley & Danny’s wedding:

  • Two 55″ LED TVs for Multimedia Presentation
  • Twenty-Five LED Uplights – set to blue
  • Custom Monogram Projection for the Cake
  • Two Moving Heads for Star Field Projection on Ceiling

The photos below highlight the look; my personal favorite is the First Dance Under The Stars look. It really enhances the romantic ambiance of a truly special dance.

You may be asking yourself, “Okay, but what are the TVs for?” Fair question – it was part of the visual experience! During the reception, different segments of the night had different montage presentations. For cocktail hour, as guests made their way up stairs, a montage of Danny & Ashley’s friends played on loop. Next, I assisted Diana, the matron of honor and one of my past brides, with incorporating a slide show about Ashley for her toast. After dinner, I sat Ashley & Danny front and center for their Life/Love Story Montage, which featured their moms telling their story and ended with the video of Danny’s proposal. This led naturally into their First Dance, which had its own montage of Danny & Ashley, together, through their relationship. The final montage was for Ashley’s dance with her dad, which opens with a photo of her father holding Ashley as a baby.

The real purpose behind these montages is to emotionally connect the guests to the couple and the one big family I am trying to create for that night. When that happens, something else happens: everyone stays until the end. And sure enough, as the Proclaimers played, a giant circle surrounded Ashley & Danny for their Last Dance. And on cue, as the song ended, that circle collapsed upon them as Ashley & Danny’s one big family gave them one final big hug.

Musical Selections

Cocktail Hour: Soft Piano Selections

Dinner: Soft & Mid-Tempo Contemporary

Formal Selections

  • Grand Entrance: The Lovin’ Spoonful – “Do You Believe In Magic?”
  • First Dance: Adele – “To Make You Feel My Love”
  • Father/Daughter Dance: Rod Stewart – “Forever Young”
  • Longest Married Couple Dance: Frank Sinatra – “The Way You Look Tonight” & Righteous Brothers – “Unchained Melody”
  • Cake Cutting: Michael Buble – “How Sweet It Is”
  • Bouquet Toss: Lady Gaga – “Bad Romance”
  • Garter Toss: Lenny Kravitz – “American Woman”
  • Last Dance: Proclaimers – “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”

Dancing: Motown, Big Band & Swing, Oldies, Rock & Roll, 80s, Top 40, Hip-Hop

Photos Courtesy: Fancy Fin Photography.