Frequently Asked


Is My Wedding Date Available?

That’s an excellent first question! I keep my Availability Calendar updated with every new booking, making it the perfect place to check first.

How Long Have You Been DJing Professionally?

My journey as a wedding MC & DJ kicked off during the summer after my sophomore year of college in 2006. I rocked two weddings and hosted countless college parties, school dances, and nightclub events that year.

The momentum picked up in 2007, with 21 more weddings under my belt, and the rest is history!

How Many Weddings Have You Performed At?

As of writing this on February 16, 2024, I have performed at 552 weddings.

Here’s a fun fact: I had my wedding on November 13, 2023, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

How Many Weddings Do You Do On An Average Weekend?

To ensure my clients get the top-notch performance they expect, I limit myself to performing at a maximum of two weddings per weekend. This way, I can give each event the attention it deserves.

Do You Perform At More Than One Event In A Day?

No, I don’t. When you book with me, you secure exclusive rights to your wedding date. This gives you flexibility – whether you need to adjust your ceremony time or extend the party by an hour, I’m flexible to accommodate your requests.

Will You Be The DJ Personally Performing At Our Wedding?

Of course! ūüôā

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Have You Done Events At My Wedding Venue?

It’s possible! However, if I haven’t performed there yet, there’s always the option to schedule a Site Visit in advance.

As part of my signature 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Process, we typically schedule a venue walk-through approximately four months before the wedding date.

What Sets You Apart From Your Competition?

It’s challenging to answer this question without introducing any bias. However, I encourage you to read the many¬†Reviews my clients have left over the years.

There, you’ll find genuine feedback from past couples who have experienced my services firsthand. Their words will shed light on why they chose to book me over other options, giving you valuable insights into what sets me apart in the world of DJing luxury weddings.

Can You Describe Your Style?

As a Master of Ceremonies, I strive for clear and concise communication, tailoring my language to suit the specific audience. My role involves skillfully introducing key moments and individuals throughout the event.

As a DJ, I gravitate towards an open-format approach, blending various genres to maintain a dynamic and energetic atmosphere on the dance floor. I carefully curate each song, focusing on the most engaging elements of each song to ensure guests are constantly entertained. Transitioning seamlessly between tracks is a priority, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted flow of music.

Describing such an artistic endeavor with words can be challenging, so I invite you to experience it firsthand by listening to one of my past mixes or watching a reception recap video. This will give you a tangible sense of my style and approach to performing at weddings.

Are There Any Other Services That You Provide, Such As Lighting Design Or Photo Booths?

Absolutely! I offer additional services such as venue-transforming uplighting and photo booths, which can be seamlessly incorporated into your bespoke package. You can explore the full universe of services available on my Service Menu for more details and customization options. Feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions or if you’d like to discuss how I can enhance your wedding experience further.

Can You Provide Me With Recent Couples That I Can Contact For References?

Absolutely! Please send an email to

, and I’ll be more than happy to provide you with a list of past couples who have graciously consented to be contacted as references. They’ll be able to share their firsthand experiences and provide valuable insights into what it’s like to work with me for your wedding.

Do You Have Any Videos From A Prior Weddings Where You Performed?

I do, indeed! You can find a collection of videos showcasing past receptions I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of on the Watch page. These videos offer a glimpse into the atmosphere and energy I bring to weddings, giving you a firsthand look at what you can expect when you choose me as your wedding DJ.

Can You Help Me Choose the Music for My Processional, Recessional, Father-Daughter Dance, etc.?

Absolutely! As we go through the consultation and planning stages, I’ll provide you with expert guidance on selecting the ideal songs for each special moment of your wedding day. Additionally, you’ll have access to my comprehensive Wedding Music Guide, where you’ll find a plethora of song suggestions tailored to various formalities. Together, we’ll ensure that every musical choice reflects your unique style and enhances the atmosphere of your celebration.

How Extensive Is Your Music Library? What Genres Can You Cover?

While I may not claim to have the largest music library, I take pride in its meticulous curation. This means you won’t find any musical “clutter” in my library. From timeless classics reminiscent of the Rat Pack era to the latest chart-topping dance hits, my collection spans a diverse range of genres. Whether you’re looking for the perfect tunes for your Prelude, Cocktail Hour, Dinner, or Dancing, rest assured that I’ll have just the right songs to elevate every moment of your wedding celebration.

Do You Have A Go-To List Of Songs You Play When You Perform For Weddings?

Interestingly, I don’t have a pre-set list of songs for the dance floor aside from the specific requests provided by the couples. I believe in the spontaneity of the moment and adapting to the unique energy of each wedding.

What gets the crowd moving one night might not have the same impact the next.

That’s why I rely on skilled improvisation when mixing, ensuring that the music flows seamlessly and keeps the dance floor full of energy throughout the celebration.

Spencer & Christie | Union Station
Janae & Kevin | The Kelley Farm
How Do You Keep Your Music Collection Up To Date?

I keep my music collection meticulously organized through a carefully designed and refined system and process I’ve developed over the years.

Every Wednesday, I diligently follow this system and process to ensure that my collection is refreshed and up to date, guaranteeing that I have the perfect tracks ready for the upcoming weekend’s events.

If You Are Unable To Perform For Some Reason, Do You Have A Backup Replacement Ready To Go?

While I’ve never missed a single show, and I’m committed to maintaining that track record, I do have contingencies in place just in case.

In the unlikely event that I’m unable to perform, I have a wide network of DJ colleagues whom I can call upon to step in and ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.

P.S. Despite battling the flu, twisted ankles, and even throwing out my back once, I’ve never missed a show.

Do You Take Any Breaks? How Many And When?

I don’t typically take any breaks during a wedding performance. I’m well-conditioned to maintain the energy and momentum throughout the event, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Do You Act As The Master Of Ceremonies And Make All Of The Announcements?

Absolutely! I take on the role of Master of Ceremonies with enthusiasm and professionalism, ensuring that all announcements are made seamlessly and effectively throughout your event.

For more details on my approach as a Master of Ceremonies, please refer to the question above about my style in that role.

Do You Take Requests From Our Guests?

Absolutely, I do take requests during the reception! However, I kindly ask that you refrain from soliciting song requests from your guests in advance, particularly with your RSVPs. While it might seem like a fun idea, it often doesn’t yield the desired outcome.

Instead, I’m more than happy to accommodate requests as they come during the reception, ensuring a lively and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Can we submit a "Do Not Play" list?

Absolutely! You can easily submit your “Do Not Play” list when you fill out your planning forms in the Client Area.

This ensures that your preferences are carefully noted and respected, guaranteeing a wedding playlist that perfectly reflects your tastes and avoids any songs you’d prefer not to hear during your celebration.

What's Your Rate?

Great question! You can find detailed information about my rates on the Rates page of my website. Feel free to connect with me for any additional details you may need.

Does That Rate Include Setup & Breakdown?

Certainly! Setup and breakdown are typically scheduled around the performance timeframe.

For example, if your ceremony’s prelude music begins at 4:30 pm and the party wraps up at 10:00 pm, and you’ve booked me for 5.5 hours, I’ll arrive by 2:30 pm to set up and leave by 11:00 pm after everything’s packed away.

How Much Do You Charge For Overtime?

For overtime, the rate is $300 per hour, with billing calculated in half-hour increments. This allows for flexibility if your event runs longer than expected, ensuring you can continue enjoying the celebration without interruptions.

Sarah & Andy | Pioneer Park Pavilion
Janet & Greg | Harmony Meadows
Are There Any Additional Fees That Could Accrue That I Am Not Taking Into Account, Like Travel Expenses Or Charges For Special Musical Requests?

For special musical requests, there are no additional charges.

However, if your event is located outside a 30-mile radius of my office in Puyallup, Washington, travel expenses will apply. You can find more details about this on the Rates page of my website.

Additionally, please note that a 3.5% fee will be added to all payments made by credit card. This detail ensures transparency and helps you plan accordingly for any potential expenses beyond the base rate.

When Will I Receive a Written Contract?

Upon submitting a Booking Request following your consultation, you can expect to receive a contract promptly for your review and signature. I’ll send it over electronically, ensuring a streamlined and secure process for your convenience.

How Much of a Deposit Do You Require and When Is It Due? Do You Offer a Payment Plan?

To secure your exclusive wedding date reservation, I require an initial payment of 25% of the total fee stated on the contract.

Regarding payment plans, you have the flexibility to create your own! However, please ensure that the balance is paid in full two weeks prior to your wedding date.

This flexibility allows you to manage your payments in a way that works best for you while ensuring everything is in place well before your special day.

How Far in Advance Do I Need to Book You for My Wedding?

Popular dates tend to get booked up quickly, often twelve months or more in advance.

While I recommend securing your date as early as possible to ensure availability, I suggest booking at least five months ahead. This timeframe conveniently aligns with my 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Process, allowing ample time to plan and coordinate all the details of your special day.

What Information Do You Need From Me Before the Wedding Day?

I’ll need quite a bit of information to ensure we create the perfect reception for you! You’ll be asked to complete my Planning Forms in the Client Area, which cover various details essential for orchestrating an unforgettable event.

During your consultation, you’ll get a sneak peek at these forms, so don’t hesitate to inquire today to get started on planning your dream wedding!

Are You Insured?

Yes, absolutely! I am fully insured, and upon request, I can provide a Certificate of Insurance for my $2,000,000 liability policy. This ensures peace of mind for both you and me, covering any unforeseen circumstances during your event.

If you have any questions or need further details about my insurance coverage, please ask!

Have You Been to Our Venue Before?

It’s possible that I have! However, if I haven’t had the opportunity yet, we can certainly schedule a Site Visit approximately four months prior to your wedding day.

This visit allows us to walk through your venue together, ensuring that we’re familiar with the layout and any unique features. By doing so, we can address any potential challenges ahead of time and ensure a smooth and seamless experience on your special day!

Does Any of Your Equipment Require Special Electrical Outlets That I Need to Inform My Wedding Site About?

Typically, I’m good to go with standard electrical outlets, specifically a three-prong, 120-volt, 15 or 20-amp receptacle.

This setup should suffice unless I’m performing internationally, in which case I may need to consider any specific electrical requirements unique to that region.

Otherwise, you can rest assured that my equipment is designed to work seamlessly with standard outlets commonly found at wedding venues.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Do You Bring Backup Equipment?

Yes, to some extent. As most weddings involve multiple systems, the backup equipment for one system is often the equipment from the other system.

Given that all of my equipment is tour-grade quality, the likelihood of equipment failure during an event is exceptionally low. Nonetheless, I always ensure there are contingencies in place to maintain a seamless experience for your wedding day.

What Kind of Space Do You Require?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The space requirements can vary depending on the specific services booked and other factors unique to your event.

However, rest assured that any special needs or requirements for performance space will be thoroughly discussed during our consultation and subsequent planning meetings. This ensures that we can tailor our setup to suit the venue and create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding day.

Do You Set Up a Sign or Banner with Your Equipment?

Allow me to channel my inner Michael Scott here: “No, God, please, no!”

How Much Time Will You Need for Setup, Soundcheck, and Breakdown on the Day of the Event?

Typically, I aim to arrive at least two hours before the start of the performance to ensure ample time for setup and soundcheck. Occasionally, I may arrive earlier, as I prefer to avoid rushing through soundcheck while guests arrive.

As for breakdown, I usually require an hour at the most.

How Involved Are You in the Planning Process?

As involved as you want me to be! I’m here to support you every step of the way, whether you have questions, need advice, or just want someone to bounce ideas off of.

While I may not be an expert in everything, I’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge about weddings over the years. I’ll always provide honest and transparent feedback to help you create the perfect celebration. So, feel free to lean on me for guidance – I’m here to make your wedding planning experience as smooth and stress-free as possible!

Will We Meet Again Before the Wedding?

Yes, absolutely! My 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Process ensures we’ll have multiple opportunities to connect and finalize all the details for your big day. This process includes various steps such as an optional site visit, a virtual planning meeting, and a final confirmation phone call.

These meetings allow us to ensure that everything is perfectly aligned and that your wedding entertainment is exactly as you envision it.

Do You Do In-Person Meetings?

Since 2022, and mostly due to travel requirements for my event schedule, all planning meetings are conducted virtually via Zoom.

The feedback from clients has been overwhelmingly positive. Conducting meetings virtually ensures that everyone is in a comfortable and distraction-free environment. Plus, it eliminates the need to deal with traffic, making the planning process more convenient for everyone involved.

What Will You Wear to Our Wedding?

My choice of attire may vary from year to year, but you can expect me to dress in a sharp, tailored suit for your wedding. However, if your expected attire for guests is much more casual, I’ll adjust accordingly.

To ensure I don’t overshadow the groom, I aim to strike a balance between guest attire and the groom’s attire. This way, I’ll complement the overall aesthetic of the event without drawing undue attention to myself.

Do You Require a Meal?

Given my in-season dietary preferences, which align with a Keto Carnivore regimen, I typically prefer to bring my own meal. However, if parts of your menu happen to accommodate my dietary needs and you’re willing to provide a meal, I would certainly appreciate it.

Your consideration is greatly valued, but please know that I’m fully prepared to bring my own food to ensure I’m adequately nourished throughout the event.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
What Is Your Policy on Alcohol or Smoking During the Wedding?

Regarding smoking, I don’t smoke, so that’s a straightforward matter.

As for alcohol, while I don’t indulge on my own, I’m more than happy to toast with clients if they offer me a drink during my performance. However, I’ll limit it to one toast as a gesture of goodwill. After that, I’ll politely decline any further offers. Cheers!

Is There Anything We Should Know About Your Services That We Haven't Talked About?

Absolutely! I highly recommend scheduling a consultation to dive deeper into what I offer and the entire process from booking to the Last Dance and everything in between.

As countless couples have exclaimed after our consultation, “This is awesome – it’s more than we were expecting from a wedding DJ, and we’re even more excited for our wedding day!” The consultation will provide valuable insights and leave you feeling even more excited and confident about your big day.

Do You Have Any Questions for Us?

Absolutely! I’m eager to hear about your love story and your vision for your wedding celebration. Understanding your preferences, style, and unique details will help me tailor my services to perfectly complement your special day. Let’s get this party started – please reach out and schedule a consultation so we can begin crafting an unforgettable experience together!