Joe & Amy

January 17, 2013
Joe & Amy

When my good friend and fabulous photographer, Amy Walton, called me asking if I’d DJ her wedding at Rancho Los Palmas in Palm Springs, CA – it took me all of a nanosecond to say “YES!” Amy, and her husband Joe, I have known since doing house parties in Kirkland for Chuck & Cara (which also has led to DJing wedding receptions for Eric & Margie, Austin & Kirsten, and several other couples and vendors that I have worked with.)  In short, I know these people very well, and every party I am a part of is always full of memories and talked about on Facebook for weeks.

Amy & Joe’s wedding was no exception. Amy & Joe’s intimate guest list of family and close friends definitely, in the words of Jay Z, “balled so hard”.

One thing I have learned doing weddings is that it isn’t how many people you invite, but rather who you invite. Amy & Joe invited the right people – close family and friends that not only came to show love and support, but also to celebrate and create memories until we were all kicked out to the bar downstairs – and I don’t think the dance floor cleared once during my two-and-half-hour mix performance.

That wasn’t the only thing about this wedding, but it was the biggest thing, that made this a “Really Cool Wedding”.

Tony Schwartz

Joe & Amy’s Five-Star Review

I am a wedding photographer so I meet many DJs. Some are ok, some are good and only a very few really stand out to me as great. Tony exceeds all of these. He is so passionate about music, he has a natural talent for overlaying sounds and reading the crowd to know what to bring out next. We had a small wedding with only 47 people and the 2 hours of dancing we had not one person was sitting. It was the best dance party I had ever seen. I have listened to our podcast every day since then and have relived our night over and over. He is worth every penny and more. I love you, Tony!

Musical Selections

Prelude: Vitamin String Quartet’s Tribute to Tool

Ceremony Selections

Cocktail Hour: Soft Contemporary

Dinner: Mid-Temp Contemporary

Formal Selections

Dancing: Top 40, Hip-Hop, 80s, 90s, Classic Rock

Photo Courtesy: Photography By Blush