Laine & Patti

April 5, 2014

Part of my philosophy as a wedding MC & DJ is to make sure my clients feel like rock stars at their wedding reception. For Laine & Patti, this was no exception; the “WOW! Factor” of their wedding reception was the “Battle of The Rock Bands” competition where Laine’s band squared off against Patti’s band in a game of Rock Band, one of their favorite games to play with their friends. It’s a perfect example of incorporating the personalities and interests of my clients into the presentation of their wedding reception. It also leads to great memories for family and friends.

There was also a lot of build-up and hype to this moment, as earlier in the day, I “promoted” the event on Facebook with a Battle of the Bands-inspired flyer that also served as the monogram for the reception.

Of course, the rest of the evening at 1927 Events in Seattle, WA, was simply fantastic: lots of good food, plenty of drinks, great laughter, greater memories, and tons of dancing. Which is all Patti & Laine really wanted: a fun party to celebrate their union as man and wife.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the Battle of the Bands competition was a tie. This means, if they are upholding their ends of the bet, Laine is currently giving Patti two head scratches a week for the first year of their marriage (NO COMPLAINTS, LAINE!), and Patti is returning the favor with two home-cooked meals a week.

But as everyone knows, when you’re a Rock(band) Star, the rules don’t always apply to you. Congratulations, Laine and Patti!

Special shout out to Tamara Nicole for all of her planning and coordination help awesomeness, and to Dan’Yelle McNeely for the awesome photos.

Tony Schwartz

Musical Selections

Prelude: Mid-Tempo Contemporary Selections

Ceremony Selections

Cocktail Hour: Soft Classic Crooners, Soft Contemporary, Soft Country, Classic Love Songs, Soft R&B and Soul

Dinner: Mid-Tempo Contemporary, Mid-Tempo Country, Mid-Tempo R&B and Soul

Formal Selections

Dancing: Oldies, Rock & Roll, 80s, 90s, Top 40, Hip-Hop, Alternative, R&B, Country

Photo Courtesy: Dan’Yelle McNeely