Functional Design

The design emphasis of Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ focuses on minimalistic, simple elegance. Upscale, modern simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and will deliver the most impact for visitors to our website.

Design Preciseness

The preciseness of Tony’s branding standards and website design reflects the outcome and goals of his core service – outstanding, consistent results.

01. Logo

The logo is the most recognizable asset of the Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ brand.

The wordmark is a signature script conveying a fun, celebratory, and signature style, while the sub-wordmark is a serif script conveying class and elegance – exactly what a wedding should be.

Standard Logo

The Standard Logo should be used on all light backgrounds.

Alternate Logo

The Alternate Logo should be used on all darker backgrounds.

All White Logo

If a technical limitation prevents the correct color logo from being used, please use the All White Logo.

Minimum Clear Space

A minimum clear space should always be maintained to protect the integrity of the logo. This clear space will insulate the logo from distracting visual elements, such as other logos, text copy, and illustrations.

The minimum amount of clear space is 1/2 of the height of the logo. For example, if the logo is displayed at 100 pixels in height, then the clear space at the top, bottom, and sides should be a minimum of 50 pixels.

Scale & Proportion

Please use the .svg file, as the logo will be appropriately scaled for small sizes and screens. To correctly resize the logo in most applications, hold the “Shift” key to maintain the correct proportions.

The minimum smallest size of the logo in a digital format shall be 200 pixels in width.


When aligning the Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ logo with a partner logo, minimum clear space should be followed.

Partner logos should never exceed the height of the Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ logo.


The logo should never be modified without the express written consent of Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ.

Do not stretch or manipulate the logo.

Do not add a gradient to the logo.

Do not substitute the wordmark or sub-wordmark with a different font.

Do not change the wordmark or sub-wordmark to a different color scheme.


To keep the placement of the logo consistent in marketing and social media, available options are limited to Top Left, Top Center, Bottom Left, Bottom Center, and Centered.

02. Fonts

Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ uses four fonts externally, and one font internally. Consistent use of the fonts according to the required use across all mediums is paramount for the brand.

Headlines & Titles


Didot is the serif typeface used for impactful headlines.



Josefin Sans is a sans-serif typeface used for subheadlines.



Raleway is the typeface most frequently used for body copy in all external communication. For example: the website, business cards, white papers, flyers, posters, banners, and all other marketing collateral.


Brunella Italic

Brunella Italic is the typeface for our logo’s wordmark and may be used for more expressive moments.



Verdana is used for all non-promotional and internal communication. For example, emails, office documents, invoices, proposals, and presentations.

03. Colors

The color palette for Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ is limited yet remains consistent for strong recognition and memorability of the brand.

Furthermore, the color palette is classical and timeless with the lead primary color of Red representing love and romance, inspired by the classic red rose.


Hex Code: #CC0000


Hex Code: #00000


Hex Code: #FFFFFF


Hex Code: #F4F4F4

Medium Gray

Hex Code: #E0E0E0

Dark Gray

Hex Code: #444444