Pat & Erika

June 15, 2013
Pat & Erika

What an awesome night as Pat, Erika, and over 200 of their closest family and friends nearly blew the roof of the Historic 1625 Place in Tacoma!

A little bit of background: a few years ago, I performed at Mischa & Katie’s reception at Hotel Murano (was an amazing party with a packed dance floor for over two hours!) and one of the signature presentations from that performance was the Wedding Party Bios for the Grand Entrance. Well, one of Mischa & Katie’s wedding party members was Katie’s little brother, Pat, who I roasted over becoming a pushup contest champion among other quirky hobbies and traits. The entire presentation always goes over well and in addition to connecting the guests to the wedding party members, it sets the tone for the rest of the night.

Well, you know what they say about payback. Well, because Mischa & Katie were a part of Pat & Erika’s wedding party, Pat & Erika specifically requested I perform the Wedding Party Bios for their wedding. So we came up with some material about what a “30 and boring” married couple does on a Friday night and how they treat their cats like children. It was all in good fun, and the rest of the bios for Pat & Erika’s wedding party were equally hilarious.

There was also one other thing of note that made this reception unique: it was loosely structured. Guests were invited to hop in the photo booth, drink, eat and socialize as they saw fit. About halfway through, guests came together for the Toasts and Formal Dances, and after that, the dance party was on!

Tony Schwartz

Musical Selections

Cocktail Hour: Soft Classic Crooners, Soft Contemporary, Soft Country, Classic Love Songs

Dinner: Soft Classic Crooners, Soft Contemporary, Soft Country, Classic Love Songs

Formal Selections

Dancing: Top 40, Hip-Hop, 80s

Photo Courtesy: Select Photography