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Justin & Ashley | Snoqualmie Wedding DJ

Justin & Ashley

Justin & Ashley: what a fantastic couple! From the moment I first met Ashley at the Seattle Wedding Show, I knew I HAD to be a part of their wedding; and I was honored to be brought on as their MC & DJ. We planned a fantastic evening of entertainment for their family and friends and it all went perfectly! It was one of those nights where I drive home exhausted, but with a huge smile on my face!

So many really cool presentations happened at this reception; the tone was set from the Grand Entrance which featured song skits for each wedding party pairing. My personal favorite was Jessica & Luke’s skit to Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s “Fishing In The Dark”, which you can see both the skit and the reaction of the guests in two of the photos below.

Also, Justin had a really cool surprise for the Garter Removal. He pulled me aside during one of our planning meetings and asked if I had a cowboy hat, by chance. I did. So I brought that and while Ashley was doing the Bouquet Toss, Justin snuck over to my booth and I handed him the cowboy hat. After the bouquet was caught and the ensuing photo, Tim McGraw comes blaring and Justin walks over to his bride and begins the Garter Removal, much to the cheer of the guests. It was a small touch, but it really made the moment that much better.

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Alex & Lauren | Tacoma Wedding DJ

Alex & Lauren

For starters, Chambers Bay is simply a stunningly beautiful place to get married. Both the ceremony and reception sites over look the golf course and the water, and when the sun sinks into the water, it’s absolutely amazing. Absolutely amazing is also how one could describe Alex & Lauren’s wedding reception as we rocked it all the up until 11 pm!

If you review the Musical Selections below, you will note that there was no Grand Entrance formality at this wedding. Because venue dictates flow, we opted to do something a little different but still had the same effect: introductions before toasts! Thus, rather than do Wedding Party bios as each pairing walks in, we did the bios, or should I say “mini-roasts”, of the wedding party from where they were seated at the head table. It was a great segue into the toasts and really set the mood for the rest of the night. Oh, and of course, Alex & Lauren still got their standing ovation, which every couple deserves on their wedding day.

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Erik & Kim | Seattle Wedding DJ

Erik & Kim

What do you get when you combine a zoo and a group of people that came to dance, dance, dance? You get Erik & Kim’s wedding reception at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, that’s what you get!

One thing I loved about Kim & Erik, *cough* excuse me, “The Hammer”, was how unique their ceremony song selections were: they chose all their favorite Disney songs! With the ceremony held in the beautiful garden just outside the zoo, the Disney songs definitely made this a fairytale wedding come true! And for the Recessional, because they sure loved their time in Pullman, they selected to walk back down the aisle as husband and wife to the Wazzu Fight Song, which everyone sang along to. Well, everyone except for me, because I root for the purple and gold. 😉

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Limwell & Jessie | Puyallup Wedding DJ

Limwell & Jessie

So, I just got home from Limwell & Jessie’s wedding and I’m still trying to come up with the perfect word to describe their party. Wow? Amazing? Unreal? Perfect? Unforgettable? I can’t choose just one, because all of those words can be used to describe what happened tonight. I mean, look at the photos below – that dance floor was PACKED. And it was like that for two hours, and then Limwell & Jessie elected go another hour because NO ONE wanted that night to end. If this is a sign of what is to come for the Summer of 2011, then it’s going to be the best year yet.

Tonight’s format was a little different than most – after the Grand Entrances, Limwell & Jessie entered and immediately transitioned into their First Dance. After, Limwell did a Welcome & Thank You speech and then, per my coaching, asked Jessie’s father if he would have this dance with her. After the Father/Daughter dance, Limwell escorted his mother to the dance floor for a Mother/Son dance – and then we finally began dinner. This was done to maximize dancing time – all we had to do after dinner was do toasts and cut the cake. Once the cake was cut, guests could either eat dessert or get on the dance floor. 85% of them chose the latter – and away we went!

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A.J. & Danielle | Seattle Wedding DJ

A.J. & Danielle

There is always a moment at a wedding reception where the dance floor hits that peak moment. For A.J. & Danielle’s reception at Hotel Deca in Seattle, WA, it was when I dropped into a quick 90s boy band set, i.e. Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, Soul Decision, etc.  Danielle’s girlfriend literally screamed and ran from the bar to the dance floor the moment they heard “It’s tearin’ up my heart when I’m with you…” Yes, that’s my kinda night.

Up until a couple of days before the reception, I worked exclusively with Danielle, who planned the entire wedding by herself.  A.J. was in the military and was not in the Seattle area until a few days prior – so kudos to Danielle to pull off two jobs at one time: her day job at the IRS and wedding planning, her second job. This girl is strong – something that I think all military wives have to have because the hardest job in the world is being a military wife.

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