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Looking for the best R&B songs for your wedding reception playlist? The following is a curated playlist of Rhythm & Blues songs that will have everyone at your wedding reception parked out on the dance floor!

R&B, abbreviated for Rhythm and Blues, was originally a genre that was a combination of smooth pop music centered around jazz, soul, gospel, and blues vocals. In later years, the basis of R&B evolved as Funk, Hip-Hop, and Soul became more mainstream.

A Quick Programming Note: With R&B music, context matters. Some of the lyrics of R&B can be highly sexualized and likely not appropriate for most weddings. Please consider each song, as well as your guests, as you program your playlist. As every DJ knows, there are more appropriate times in the night to play modern R&B songs of a more risqué nature.

As always, a Spotify playlist is included at the end for your listening enjoyment!

R&B Songs:

R&B Songs – Part 1

R&B Songs – Part 2

Spotify Playlist:

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