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Cocktail Hour


What makes for a great Cocktail Hour playlist? The song selections match the vibe of the moment: you are officially a newlywed, the drinks are flowing, and everyone is smiling and enjoying the magical occasion!

Wedding Cocktail Hour songs need to serve one purpose: getting guests ready to celebrate and want to join you on the dance floor when the reception begins! Therefore, a good Cocktail Hour playlist at a wedding reception sets the mood and tone for what is to come, while allowing guests to freely socialize with family and friends.

So, how do you choose the right songs for your wedding’s Cocktail Hour? One, consider the venue and formality of the event. If you are hosting a black-tie wedding at an upscale, downtown ballroom, you may want to play Jazz and Crooners. A casual or semi-formal wedding at a rustic barn in the country? Country, Classic Rock, Folk or Indie might work better!

Below is a list of wedding Cocktail Hour playlists that I have created over the years. Click on the ones you like to listen to my song picks, and listen to the full mix via the Spotify playlist at the end. Feel free to choose one playlist, or pick and choose from multiple for a unique Cocktail Hour playlist at your wedding.

Last Updated: Summer 2019

Cocktail Hour Playlists:

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