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It is my opinion that a great wedding Dinner playlist features soft, slow tempo ballads, and then works up in tempo and energy once guests have finished their entrées. The first half is so the dinner service runs smoothly; the music compliments the atmosphere and allows for easy communication amongst the MC, catering staff, and guest tables. The second half builds in energy—I love to promote a toe-tapping, sing-a-long atmosphere that makes the dance floor a natural destination to celebrate.

So, how do you choose the right songs for your wedding Dinner music? One, consider the love songs you and your spouse enjoy. This is a great time to feature them, as well as other slow to mid-tempo songs you love. Two, consider upbeat songs that you like but may not work for the dance floor—this is the perfect time to play them as you build energy and a desire to get on the dance floor.

Below is a list of wedding Dinner playlists that I have created over the years. Click on the ones you like in order to listen to my song picks, and listen to the full mix via the Spotify playlist at the end. Feel free to choose one playlist, or pick and choose from multiple for a unique Dinner playlist at your wedding.

Last Updated: Summer 2019

Dinner Playlists:

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