Sean & Brittany

September 10, 2011
Sean & Brittany

I couldn’t imagine Sean & Brittany having a more beautiful reception. Tazer Valley Farms is one of the best wedding venues I have worked for anyone looking to have a rustic, Northwest wedding. And Brittany did a lot of the decor herself – and it fit both her vision and the venue. Kudos to her – that isn’t an easy task!

Sean & Brittany had been together for over ten years, but they had actually known each other for much longer. Being able to narrate their Love Story was one of my favorite memories from this wedding, as I got to tell the story of the history of how these two met as little kids and neighbors all the way to Sean’s proposal. It was a beautiful story of heartbreak and love, and it’s one of my favorite presentations to perform at a wedding reception. It requires a combination of the right story, clients that are willing to open themselves up emotionally, and a talented storyteller. Fortunately, we had all three and it was an unforgettable moment – I’ll never forget the connection I felt to Sean & Brittany, but also the connection I felt to family and friends who got a very intimate look into their lives.

I also provided Sean & Brittany with some really cool production options. During the cocktail period, a photo montage of Sean & Brittany played on an LED TV that I had produced. Whenever I produce a cocktail montage, I encourage my clients to get as many photos of themselves with their friends because it leads to some great ice breakers. For their first dance inside the barn, I designed a monogram light from their logo, which made for a really cool First Dance photo. Without a doubt, I will be using this photo on my website and in my consultation presentation for years to come. Thank you Dana for capturing it!

Thank you Sean & Brittany for having me as a part of your day – it was a wonderful, interactive, fun, and elegant wedding. You are great people who I am honored to call friends. I wish you both a lifetime of success and good fortune!

Tony Schwartz

Sean & Brittany’s Five-Star Review

We loved working with Tony. He was easy to get a hold of and quick to respond. He made everything so simple, truly taking a lot of weight off our shoulders. He is creative, caring, and such a sweet guy. Our wedding wouldn’t have been what it was without him. At first, when planning a wedding all you see are dollar signs. When it comes to Tony, you are getting so much more than a service, so much more than a vendor. He puts his whole heart into every aspect of your day, personal touches that take your breath away. Thank you so much Tony. We will have to meet up soon, we owe you a beer:) xoxo

Musical Selections

Prelude: Soft Piano Instrumentals

Ceremony Selections

Cocktail Hour: Classic & Contemporary Crooners

Dinner: Soft Alternative, Soft Adult Contemporary, Crooners, Motown, Oldies, Soul

Formal Selections

Dancing: Country, 80s, 90s, Top 40, Rock & Roll, Motown, Oldies

Photo Courtesy: Dana Pleasant Photography