Sean & Jamie

October 15, 2011
Sean & Jamie

I knew I liked Jamie & Sean when I asked Jamie why they chose October 15th as their wedding date and she replied, “It’s the Seahawks bye weekend!” Instantly, I wanted to work with them and help bring their wedding reception vision to life. Lucky for me, they liked my style and ideas, so we went to work.

During the planning process, lighting usually comes up as a possible option. I typically like to do a site visit with my clients so they can preview what the lights will look like on the wall – and where to place them.  TPC at Snoqualmie has walls that aren’t the best for uplighting, and although we did manage to make it work, what we did come up with was really cool: under-the-table lighting for the key tables, i.e. the head table, buffet table, cake table, etc. It really made those tables stand out, so consider under-the-table lighting!

One of my favorite presentations from Jamie & Sean’s wedding was the Garter Removal & Toss. In advance, Sean & Jamie had autographed a Seahawks football, which was to be part of the Garter Toss presentation. If you’d like to hear how the full presentation went down (along with a surprise twist), schedule a consultation with me and I’ll tell you all about it! 

In the end, it was another great night – the final wedding of the 2011 summer wedding season. I couldn’t imagine ending with a better wedding reception!  Best of luck to Sean & Jamie!

Tony Schwartz

Musical Selections

Prelude: Soft Country

Ceremony Selections

Cocktail Hour: Soft Classic Crooners

Dinner: Mid-Tempo Contemporary, Country

Formal Selections

Dancing: Country, 70s, 80s, Rock & Roll, Top 40, Hip-Hop

Photo Courtesy: Kaylee Eylander Photography