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I believe that no two weddings are alike. The venue you select, the wedding vision you have, the vendors you team up with – these decisions all require a well-thought-out approach to ensure it all comes together perfectly in the end. It’s why I don’t subscribe to the notion of one-size-fits-all Wedding MC & DJ packages; I believe in offering a boutique wedding entertainment experience and service designed around your wedding ceremony and reception.

In other words, I carefully craft a custom-designed Wedding MC & DJ package for each couple that meets with me. I can make anything happen with a portfolio of services limited only by your imagination.

From simple and elegant receptions to the nightlife-inspired party, I want to help you create your perfect wedding reception. In order to get an exact estimate on any of the services listed below – as well as what your custom-designed Wedding MC & DJ package would look like – please check your date’s availability and schedule a consultation with me, so I can better understand your wants and desires. At the end of this complimentary session, I will be able to provide you with the perfect recommendation for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Couples: please read this entire page. Not only will learn more about the services I offer but also the process my clients follow from consultation to wedding day, as well as the general pricing parameters for my professional services.

Finally, if you do not see a service listed below, please let me know because I may not have it listed but do offer it.

Best Wedding, Ever, Starts Here.

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Our wedding was a blast and it is all thanks to Tony! He was so detailed, prompt, and eager to create the best experience for us.

– Kaylyn & Spencer, The Five2Five, Buckley, WA

A Portfolio of Customizable


From simple elegance to mind-blowing, all of the services below are offered a la carte and can be customized to align with your wedding vision and budget.

Wedding DJ Services: Reception


No packages. No cookie-cutter weddings. Just the perfect wedding reception experience, from Cocktail Hour to Last Dance, designed to make your dance floor a natural destination for celebration with your family and friends.

Wedding DJ Services: Ceremony


A polished wedding ceremony production sets the tone for the rest of the evening. Rest assured, the music will set the perfect tone, and every spoken word, as well as every genuine moment, will be captured for all to hear.

Wedding DJ Services: Intelligent Party Lighting

Intelligent Party Lights

Want to share your First Dance in the spotlight? Or maybe you want an ultra-awesome lighting show for a nightclub-like experience? The Intelligent Party Lights upgrade includes my lighting technician, Christian, who will program and execute a custom-designed lighting experience throughout your celebration experience.

Wedding DJ Services: Specialty Lighting

Specialty Lighting

From Table Pinspotting to Static Image Projection, – imagine dancing underneath the stars! – I can help bring your Specialty Lighting concepts and ideas to life.

Wedding DJ Services: Uplighting & Tent Washes

Uplighting & Tent Washes

Visually take your event to the next level with dramatic uplighting, tent washes, or subtle accent features. My battery-powered, computer programmable lighting fixtures can generate any color you desire.

Wedding DJ Services: Projection Displays

Projection Displays

Brand your reception or ceremony with your name, logo, theme items, or favorite song lyrics, projected on the dance floor or any wall surface.
Multimedia Integration

Multimedia Integration

Video & image content is king. More than just incorporating 65″ LED HDTV screens, your visual content is only limited to the imagination: photo montages, hashtag slideshow displays, ambient dance floor videos, lyrics to your First Dance song, and much more.
Wedding DJ Services: Video Capture

Video Capture

My video guru Matt – pictured in the background – will capture your entire wedding experience, from the start of your ceremony’s Processional to the Grand Send Off. He will then produce, and digitally send, a lightly-edited video to you. Videos are typically two hours in total length.
Wedding DJ Services: Photo Booth Experiences

Photo Booth Experiences

As the founder of The Puget Sound Photo Booth Co., I offer my couples three different phototainment experiences. From our signature Photo Booth experience to our magical Mirror Booth that will wow your guests, let’s bring #PhotoAwesome to your wedding!

Wedding DJ Services: CO2 Blasts

CO2 Blasts

Bring the Las Vegas night club experience to your wedding celebration with this VIP enhancement. From CO2 geyser blasts to CO2 cannons, this will add some serious impact to your dance floor… especially when the beat drops.

Wedding DJ Services: Coming Soon

Dancing On The Clouds

Create a Cinderella-like moment during your First Dance with this maximum impact, unforgettably unique special effect.

Wedding DJ Services: Coming Soon

Make It Snow

The perfect solution for wowing your guests during winter weddings. Amaze your guests with snow multiple times during your wedding celebration: as you walk down the aisle, your Grand Entrance, your First Dance, and whenever else you would like to make it snow.

Wedding DJ Services: Coming Soon

The Blacklight Experience

Imagine UV wash lights, led glow sticks, and a high-energy, energetic dance floor mix rocking the final thirty minutes of your party. It’s an epic way to end the best wedding reception ever, period.

Wedding DJ Services: Coming Soon

Indoor Fireworks

Light up the night! Imagine your Grand Entrance, First Dance, dance floor, or Grand Exit complimented by a beautiful display of cold sparks that do not produce smoke, are non-toxic, and add a dramatic WOW factor.

Wedding DJ Services: DJ Furniture

Luxe DJ Booth

If you want your dance floor to stand out as the centerpiece of your reception venue, upgrade to my ultra-luxe DJ booth. Or ask about producing a custom DJ booth that will perfectly accommodate your event’s decor.

Wedding DJ Services: After Parties

After Parties

What do you do when you just don’t want to stop the party? Simple: you have me rock the after party. This is the perfect solution for venues that offer the space to accommodate, or at another venue of your choice.

Tony is extremely organized, experienced, full of great ideas, and easy to work with.

– Jasmine & Delas, The Woodmark Hotel, Kirkland, WA

The Best Wedding Reception, Ever,


1. Let's Meet

Let's Meet

Contact me via phone, email, or this inquiry form to schedule a virtual or in-person consultation with me. During our meeting, you’ll get to share your love story, your vision of your wedding celebration, and what expectations you have for your Wedding MC & DJ, as well as any questions you may have for me.

Of course, I’ll have some questions for you two, too. Then, I will walk you through the entire process – from booking to Grand Send-Off – and then present you with your personalized custom rate sheet.

P.S. Coffee is great and fuels much of my day. But I’m also a big fan of ice-cold beer, Rosé, or rum. Just throwin’ that out there…

2. Save The Date!

Save The Date

When you are ready, it is time to book your wedding date with me. A signed contract and a 25% payment are required to exclusively secure the date on my calendar.

Peak dates typically book  8-12+ months in advance and 6+ months for non-peak dates.

3. Let's Get Started

Let's Get Started

Approximately four months prior to your wedding date, I’ll be reaching out as we start the Entertainment Planning & Design Process phase. You will have some homework to complete over the next two months, but I promise that reviewing my exclusive Presentation Ideas and completing my Planning Forms will be both easy and fun.

Oh, and the best part? It’s all done online in my exclusive Client Area.

4. Site Visit

Wedding DJ Process: Site Visit

If you elect to do so, we will meet at your selected wedding reception venue for a site visit. Here, we will walk through floor plan ideas, discuss possible presentation ideas for your consideration, and discuss venue-transforming lighting design options, if you so desire.

5. Entertainment Planning & Design

Wedding DJ Process: Entertainment Planning & Design

The wedding is two months away and it is time to start planning how your ceremony and reception will be presented to your family and friends! We will sit down together – in-person or virtually – and go over all the details meticulously as we write and compile your Production & Entertainment Script.

It’s more than just writing down what song is playing and the name of the people involved; it’s about crafting a personalized presentation and introduction for each key moment. Creativity and imagination are strongly encouraged here; dream big and let the sky be the limit for this once-in-a-lifetime celebration!

6. Final Confirmation

Wedding DJ Process: Final Confirmation

With approximately two weeks until the big day, it is time to finely comb through the Production & Entertainment Script in order to ensure every detail has been accounted for. It’s a quick phone call, but it acts as our dress rehearsal and that final boost of confidence that the big day will be everything you’ve dreamed it to be.

7. Best Wedding Ever

It’s your wedding day! At this point, all of the details have been accounted for, the timeline and scripting are complete, and the music is prepped. It’s time to pop the champagne, relax, and enjoy your day with your friends and family as the guests of honor.

Trust me, the day will be a blur from start to finish. Be rest assured, I will have your back the entire night. Now, go create some amazing memories, have the time of your life, and live it up. It’s celebration time!

Tony really was the reason that our day was so perfect. I can’t imagine what it would have been like without him. Totally worth every penny!

– Michele & Chris, Lord Hill Farms, Snohomish, WA

Your Wedding


Your Wedding Investment
Your Wedding Investment

As a service business, I realize many wedding DJs in the wedding industry have similar options and offerings. These offerings vary based on the experience, quality, and technology used by each company. For those that do their homework, they will realize that there is a difference you can see, hear, and feel.

As a full-time marquee event DJ and Master of Ceremonies, my pricing varies by wedding date, venue, and location, as well as the service offerings selected.


To obtain a full quote for your wedding date, please call the office at 253.200.3454 or fill out my inquiry form to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Casey & Kody

Not only did we love him but our guests are still raving about him. Usually commenting on how funny he was, how organized he was and of course, his music.

Bottom line: if you want your wedding to be a blast, to go off without a hitch and have your guests talk about it for years to come, BOOK TONY.

Casey & Kody, Laurel Creek Manor, Sumner, WA