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Kyle & Jamie

Kyle & Jamie’s wedding reception last night was absolute MAGIC last night. There’s a moment at every wedding reception where I begin to sense it – in this case, their Wedding Party Introduction sequence which set the tone for the rest of the night – and then there’s the moment where I first feel it. For me, it happened during their First Dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Tenerife Sea”, where the entire room sat still, just watching Kyle & Jamie gracefully glide on the dance floor.

So in love, so in love.

I couldn’t help but mouth those lyrics as I watched on from my DJ booth. At that moment, I knew it – despite the July heat that just wouldn’t go away – we were about to have an epic dance floor experience. Which is precisely what Kyle & Jamie desired.

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Greg & Janet

They met in Chelan on respective bachelor and bachelorette parties. A few months later, they were engaged; and on November 5th, an email from Janet arrived in my email inbox with the tentative wedding details. I couldn’t have been more happier or excited to make the trip all the way to Harmony Meadows, mere minutes from where Greg & Janet first met to DJ their wedding reception.

And what a truly magical, special night it was; there is no way I’ll ever forget it.

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Mick & Allison | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ

Mick & Allison

July 3rd, 2015 was an absolute beautiful evening for Mick & Allison at Sodo Park in the Sodo district of Seattle! Referred to me by their Nordstrom co-worker, Rosanna (of Nathan & Rosanna fame!), Mick & Allison were an absolute delight to work for: they envisioned an intimate, classy reception, that was light-hearted and fun – and they absolutely nailed it. The flow of events was perfect, and despite the rather warm conditions on this Friday evening in July, the guests BROUGHT IT on the dance floor.

It’s so much fun to play for a group of people who just want to have fun and trust the DJ on the musical journey they are about to embark on.

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Patrick & Jennifer | Seattle Wedding DJ

The Shintars: Patrick & Jennifer

Email subject lines like this – “In the market for a rad Wedding DJ” – will always grab my attention. Messages that include “Friday Evening. Sodo Park. 200 people who love to DANCE” get immediate replies from me; especially since every wedding I have done at Sodo Park has been an unforgettable night. And thus began my relationship with Jen and Patrick, affectionately known as “The Shintars”.

In terms of presentation, I would describe it as minimal. And for some weddings – like this one – it was perfectly fitting. We omitted the Grand Entrance and introduced the Family and Wedding Party before the toasts. Jen and Patrick combined the Father/Bride dance with the Mother/Son dance. The objective was simple: eat great food, mingle with good friends, throw back a few adult beverages, and dance all night to a rad DJ.

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Justin & Kim | Seattle Wedding DJ

Justin & Kim

When I first met Justin and Kim, I HAD to work with them. Maybe it was something about their infectious personalities; maybe it was the fact they wanted a unique, yet really fun reception that had guests walking saying it was the best reception they had every been too; likely, it was both.

One thing that I love about wedding entertainment is that it isn’t a cookie cutter process – every reception begins with a blank sheet of paper. Because half of their guests would be coming from the Midwest and East Coast, and were used to a different style and flow of wedding receptions, we designed an hybrid reception itinerary that accommodated both.  What the song list below doesn’t tell you is that shortly after Justin & Kim’s Grand Entrance and First Dance, every single guest was on the dance floor celebrating with them to “I Gotta Feelin'” “September” and “Get This Party Started” amongst other selections.  This would continue throughout the night – with the energy of the guests dictating my programming – slow, mid or fast tempo.  It’s the textbook definition of “reading the crowd”.

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Chris & Rachel | Seattle Wedding DJ

Chris & Rachel

I love weddings at Sodo Park, and its because of weddings like Chris and Rachel’s! What a fun night with such a fun group of family and friends that came ready to celebrate!

Chris & Rachel were a referral from Jon & Christa’s wedding I had done a year prior. Like Jon & Christa, Chris & Rachel were also diehard Husky fans – which just so happens to be the college team in this state I root for. (Don’t get me wrong, I still work for a ton of Coug weddings, as well as couples that like the Yankees and 49ers. I think it makes our relationship all the more fun!)

Fortunately, also like Jon & Christa’s wedding, Chris & Rachel’s friends also came to party and have a great time. The dance floor was packed all night long and I think very few guests left early. One of my favorite parts of mixing and DJing is playing what guests love and expect to hear and playing what they don’t expect to hear but love. Being able to mix in “Tequila” and “Louie, Louie”, two songs I rarely get to play at weddings, really took the dance floor to next level. Seeing guests passionately sing along to their favorite songs is what DJing is all about.

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