Brianna & Josh

This is going to be long, so if you can’t handle it, here’s the quick and dirty: Tony is absolutely 125% worth every penny and more. You won’t be disappointed unless you end up hiring someone else.

Tony completely made our wedding reception!! From the initial “interview” (if you will) to the personal note we received after the event, Tony exceeded every expectation. The “preparation binder” he sent us seemed a little daunting at first, but a bottle (or two) of wine and a long night of giggles and YouTube later, Tony had a blueprint of what we wanted out of our night. That was literally the only “work” we had to do.

If anything could go wrong at a reception, it did at ours. Family matters cut our attendance in more than half, unfinished wedding cake, 2 no-show wedding party members, uncooked chicken, huge accident on i5 that delayed EVERY person who was supposed to help set up……It was everything you expect from a wedding reception. Tony handled everything in stride: made changes that I’m sure were not simple while making me believe they were simple which relieved so much stress, kept our tiny party on the dance floor all night long, and best of all took the time to interact with one of our guests: a young boy with autism and a deep love for music.

I know our reception wasn’t an easy event to host and had HUGE potential to be an absolute bust. Tony kept it alive and kept everyone celebrating. 2 months later and we’re still getting compliments on the music, the vibe, and how much fun everyone had. I’ve given out all of the business cards I had and continue to give his info to anyone and everyone who needs a DJ.