Erin & Jason

Up until the day of my wedding, I didn’t realize how important a good DJ would be. Tony doesn’t just play music; Tony coordinates the schedule, ensures the different aspects start on time and run smoothly, and then continues engaging the couple and guests all event long. His role was similar to a wedding coordinator on the big day.

Based on our meetings and emails, I should have known he’d be a difference-maker. He had so many good ideas that could make our reception special. The Love Story introduction, followed by the entrance as man and wife, was our favorite. Not only that, but we wanted to do a choreographed dance, and Tony custom-mixed the perfect song to enable us to do that. I had toyed with the idea of an iPod and speakers instead of hiring a DJ, which would have been SUCH a mistake in hindsight. Tony was worth every penny in making the evening no-stress, special, and totally memorable.