Kati & Eric

We used Tony Schwartz for our February 1, 2014 wedding. We hired him about four months prior to our wedding and from the day we hired him he was an absolute rock star!

He had us fill out a 36 page questionnaire which covered every detail you could ever think of. There wasn’t a detail that Tony didn’t think of. In addition to being our “DJ”, he was also the person that set the timeline for the entire day. We were so stressed out about the timeline prior to meeting with Tony but as soon as he started walking us through it, we immediately felt at ease.

He also went above and beyond the call of duty for us. He took special care in understanding who Eric and I were as well as learning about our family, friends and wedding party. He also held us accountable by calling us and emailing us when we were late providing him with information. He understood how busy we were and made sure that got everything taken care of. By the time our wedding day arrived I felt like Tony knew and understood exactly who we were and what we were looking for!

On the actual wedding day, he was AMAZING. We did a special Seahawks-themed grand entrance and without Tony, it wouldn’t have been anything special. By the time he introduced us he had every single person in the room on their feet, cheering, waving napkins, clapping and stomping their feet. It was the most incredible feeling for us, and an amazing memory for everyone that was there. Throughout the evening Tony socialized with everyone, played AWESOME music that fit the crowd and made sure that Eric and I were always where we needed to be.

I couldn’t be more pleased with Tony’s services. Without him, there is no doubt that our night wouldn’t have turned out as special as it did. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Thanks, Tony!