Melissa & Brian

When talking about our wedding, we are very quick to bring up our DJ. Tony Schwartz was not the first DJ we met with. Others tried to sell us on large packages, insisting that a DJ and an MC were needed. Because our reception venue was a block from our wedding, other DJs tried to up charge us. Tony laughed a bit when we described this.

Tony was all professional, but was about more than business. Tony understands that to a couple, a wedding needs to be more than just money. We went in search for a DJ looking for affordability. While most DJs would mostly talk about what “packages” they offer for different prices; Tony took the time to get to know us so that he could fit his services to what we really wanted. It was quickly evident that Tony has a real passion for what he does. We proceeded to sign him on as our wedding DJ.

After signing, Tony really went so far beyond anything we expected from a DJ. He started by providing us a large binder of ideas. We filled out biographies for participants, selected reception ideas, and provided other information. The binder was just full of a ton of fun ideas, stuff we would have never thought of, such as throwing an autographed football rather than a garter.

Tony’s ideas kept the crowd involved and interacting throughout the evening without being overbearing. Tony was entirely flexible when we wanted to make game-time decisions at our reception. I cannot stress how fluid he made the entire event and how much stress was relieved knowing he was in our corner.

In addition to his friendliness, professionalism and passion, he was also very logistically capable. He had good sound equipment, great song selections, and a good overall setup.

Tony was easily our top vendor and made the event much less stressful than it could have been. His knowledge and assistance make him much more than your standard DJ who simply makes announcements and plays music.

If you are looking for an A+ DJ, Tony Schwartz is your man.