Samantha & Ryan

We couldn’t be happier with our decision to book Tony for our wedding. He was extremely organized and helped us come up with the perfect schedule of events for the day of that uniquely focused on what was most important to us – we were very thankful for his extensive knowledge which made us feel so much more confident in planning the order of events. For every big moment (first kiss, toasts, bouquet toss, etc.) Tony was very thoughtful in helping us think through what would make each the most memorable and unique to our personalities and relationship. He also provided us a binder with many great ideas to make wedding moments stand out and feel more personal, which we enjoyed reading through and incorporating in a few places. Additionally, Tony handled last minute changes or decisions with ease and read the crowd really well, keeping the dance floor packed the entire evening. Not only did he excel in what you would expect a DJ to handle, but he went above and beyond on multiple aspects of his job.

To name a few:

1) He put together a one of a kind bridal party entrance for our group, with the songs of our choice and unique descriptions of each member and funny memories we have with each as they entered the reception.

2) On a last minute request, he edited/cut our choreographed first dance music, which turned out much better than my thrown together version we had been practicing with.

3) Most notably and most above and beyond was that when we found out an important member of the family was no longer able to make our wedding due to health reasons, Tony volunteered to drive 2+ hours down to Vancouver, WA to record this person’s wedding speech and play it for us at our wedding, where we would hear it for the first time. We were surprised and blown away when he offered, and when we hesitated at such a grand gesture he simply said, “No, I’m going to do this for you. It will be really special.” We were so moved and grateful by this act of kindness and that we were able to hear the speech on our wedding day.

I would highly recommend Tony for your wedding – he will go out of your way to make sure your dream day comes to life and that your guests have an amazing time.