Tony & Maegan

August 23, 2013
Tony & Maegan

Tony & Maegan’s wedding at the Shilshole Bay Beach Club in Seattle was one I waited all summer for! It was one of those weddings that as we planned it – Tony & Maegan back east in Connecticut, myself in Washington – we knew to cherish every moment because the reception would fly by so quick! And sure enough, it did – I can’t believe it’s already over!

There is something about East Coast weddings that West Coast weddings just can’t replicate: the energy and excitement. Not to say West Coast weddings aren’t full of energy and excitement – as they are – but any wedding I have ever been a part of with a portion of the guests traveling in from the Northeast has always had just a *little* bit more energy and excitement to it. In Tony & Maegan’s case, this was no exception – from singing Billy Joel hits during dinner to rapping along with Jay-Z and Biggie on the dance floor – Tony, Maegan, and their family and friends absolutely BROUGHT IT!

Oh yes, Tony was a huge Yankees fan, so there was plenty of razzing between him and myself, the Red Sox fan. Maegan was a Mariners fan and together, it made for great chemistry, which is everything in my relationships with my clients. I consider Tony & Maegan to be great friends, and next time I am back East, I will definitely let them know. Heck, maybe we’ll even catch a Red Sox-Yankee game in New York.

Best of luck, Tony & Maegan – you two are the best!

Tony Schwartz

Tony & Maegan’s Five-Star Review

We had an amazing wedding DJ and MC because we went with Tony Schwartz! The music was fantastic at our wedding, nobody wanted to go home! He also did a great job making the party move along smoothly! Tony was very responsive and willing to skype with us (we live on the east coast), so easy to work with throughout the entire planning process (he’s very organized, which anyone who is like me truly appreciates!). He also took the time to learn a bit about us, I think he sometimes read our minds! We also used Tony for some of our ceremony music (part was violin), and it sounded perfect and was on cue! I would recommend Tony to anyone getting married – you will not regret the amazing experience you will ultimately have!

Musical Selections

Prelude: Mid-Tempo Contemporary Selections

Ceremony Selections

Cocktail Hour: Soft Classic Crooners, Soft Contemporary

Dinner: Mid-Tempo Contemporary, Mid-Tempo Rock & Roll, Mid-Tempo Island

Formal Selections

Dancing: Motown, Big Band & Swing, Oldies, Rock & Roll, 80s, 90s, Top 40, Hip-Hop, Alternative, R&B, Country

Photo Courtesy: Libby Lewis