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Helping Contemporary Couples Elevate Their Wedding Celebration To The Next Level

“He’s the MC, the DJ, and essentially, your Event Director. We left the details in Tony’s hands and he produced an incredible event that our family and friends still rave about. He runs the show like a boss, and if you trust his expertise, he can work magic. Literally.”

– Janet & Greg | Harmony Meadows

Don't Just Have A Wedding, Have An Experience

Don’t Just Have A Wedding, Have An

Elevated Experience

I put a lot of thought and care into what I do to ensure it fits your vibe, style, and preferences. I understand your wedding is a big deal and you want everything to be just right. That’s why I’m here to ensure your reception is even better than you imagined.

Feel free to dream big, be creative, and expect nothing but the best from me. Your celebration should be as awesome and unique as you are. With my help, we’ll make sure everyone has a fantastic time and create memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Performing At Weddings Is

My Passion

Hey there, I’m Tony Schwartz, and I’m all about creating extraordinary celebrations, with an entertainment experience that reflects each couple’s unique preferences, musical tastes, vision, and overall vibe for their wedding reception.

Performing At Weddings Isn't What I Do, It's My Passion


Listen & Dance

Watch & Want To Dance

An entertainment experience tailored to your

Style + Personality

My goal for each wedding is simple: set new standards of what wedding entertainment should be, exceed the expectations of each couple I work with, and create memorable moments that leave a lasting impression on your family and friends.

What can you expect from me?

Customization & Personalization: The key is to invest time in order to understand your musical tastes, preferred style, desired atmosphere, and the overall vision for the event, alongside any specific requests or needs you may have.

Customized Playlist: All playlists are custom-tailored to your taste, the overall atmosphere you want to create, and the ambiance you desire. I’ll include the songs you love to dance to while respecting any songs you prefer not to hear.

High-Quality Sound & Production Equipment: You deserve a top-of-the-line sound system to ensure pristine audio quality, including wireless microphones for the ceremony and toasts.

Professionalism & Elegance: As a representative of you, I will conduct myself professionally and elegantly throughout the event, including my attire, demeanor, and interactions with guests.

Versatility & Musical Expertise: I am well-versed in a wide range of genres and styles, ensuring I can cater to you and your guests’ dance floor preferences.

Master of Ceremonies Skills: Announcements, introductions, and transitions will smoothly guide the flow of your reception, all delivered with grace and charisma.

Attention To Detail & Coordination: Every detail will be meticulously covered in the months leading up to your wedding day. To ensure flawless coordination, I’ll collaborate closely with your vendor team, including your wedding planner and venue staff.

Memorable Moments Created: By adding special touches or interactive elements to your celebration, we’ll craft a unique experience that will truly impress your guests and leave a lasting memory.

Seamless Transitions & Timing: Smooth transitions between songs and formalities will keep the energy flowing. Precise timing and cues will ensure key moments like grand entrances and toasts are executed flawlessly.

Flexibility & Adaptability: I’ll remain flexible and adaptable to any changes during the event or last-minute requests, guaranteeing that your wedding entertainment exceeds your expectations.

And what is your role in all of this? Simply walk into your reception and be a rock star.

If we both fulfill our roles, trust me, your guests will immediately recognize that your wedding is unlike any other they’ve attended. And that’s when you’ll hear those nine magical words at the end of the night: “This is the best reception I’ve ever been to.”

My home office is in Puyallup, Washington, but I am available to crush your celebration as your wedding MC & DJ anywhere.

Let’s make magic happen.

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Happiness Is A

Packed Dance Floor

Where Lasting Memories Are Made.

Kind Words

Donald & Kendall | The Bellevue Club

“You’ll find it obvious that Tony has a TON of experience doing high-quality weddings and takes his work very seriously – an absolute pro. After our initial meeting, we knew Tony was going to knock it out of the park.”


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