10 Tips For Planning A Really Fun Wedding Reception | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ
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10 Tips For Planning A Really Fun Wedding Reception

With over a decade of experience in the wedding industry, I’ve attended a ton of receptions. Some as my couple’s selected MC & DJ, others as a photo booth host, or as a part of the A/V crew. I’ve seen – and heard! – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And over time, I’ve realized that every “fun” wedding reception I’ve ever been apart of shares these ten simple commonalities. When followed, they lead to receptions where no one leaves until the house lights come on; and the memories your family and friends leave with will be talked about for years to come.

Here are my top tips for creating a really fun wedding reception experience:

1) Don’t Micromanage Your Reception’s Timeline
In reality, only three times matter at a wedding: the ceremony’s scheduled start time, what time dinner will be served, and when the reception ends. By not scheduling formalities to exact times, everything in between will flow smoothly and naturally, when handled by a competent professional.

5 Questions Every Couple Must Ask Before Hiring A Wedding DJ | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ
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5 Questions Every Couple Must Ask Before Hiring A Wedding DJ

I know, I know – there are a million blog posts online on this topic: Questions You Should Ask When Hiring A Wedding DJ. Heck, I even wrote this blog post on the very subject. You could even say that this blog post now makes it a-million-and-one.

But this post is actually one-in-a-million. Today, I’m going to list five questions that none of those other posts suggest to ask, and I am rarely asked during a consultation meeting. These questions are “filter” questions, designed to not only evaluate a DJ’s talent, skill set, and offerings, but also to see if that DJ is the right match for you, the bride and groom. Your wedding MC & DJ is one of the four vendors – with the planner, photographer and officiant being the other three – that you need to mesh well with for a great experience, both during the planning process and at the reception itself.

Evan & Vinny | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ
Reception Recaps

Evan & Vinny

There are very few times where I am at a loss for words, but the moments after Evan & Vinny’s wedding reception concluded was one of those times. Never did I expect in my wildest dreams to be a part of a wedding reception that wild and that crazy. The best way I can describe the dance floor experience at The Agriplex at the Washington State Fair? Take a wedding reception, mix it up with the vibe of a college fraternity party,  and stir in some scenes from a Lil’ Jon & The Eastside Boyz music video, and the result is one epic celebration going down on the dance floor.
Which is exactly what Evan & Vinny wanted. Signed, sealed, delivered, #MakeHerBaker.
If you still aren’t sure what that looks like, watch the highlight video posted above – which features ONLY the highlights I could safely include for all audiences! (Ever seen a bunch of girls twerking on the sweetheart table at a wedding reception? I can now say I have.) If you want to see all of the highlights, hit up Evan & Vinny, as they have the full Video Capture that my video guru, Matt, expertly captured throughout the night.

Amanda & Chris | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ
Reception Recaps

Amanda & Christopher

When I watch the reception recap from Amanda & Christopher’s wedding reception, I immediately notice the diversity of the dance floor: guests young and old dancing and celebrating together. And really, that’s what it is is all about: two sets of families and friends – who may have never met before! – coming together to celebrate as one big giant family.
And in the end, that is what matters most.