The Halloween Playlist | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ

The Halloween Playlist

What does every great Halloween party need? Some spooky decor, awesome costumes, tons of candy, some ghoulish drinks, and of course, a great playlist of Halloween-themed songs! And while I can’t help you with the first four – I’ll be busy decking out my parents’ driveway once again and entertaining trick-or-treaters as they get candy from my mom (who only gives out the good stuff!) – I can help you with my Spotify playlist of over 50 songs that are perfect for your Halloween party!

The Classic Crooners Cocktail Hour Playlist | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ

The Classic Crooners Cocktail Hour Playlist, Volume One

When it comes to Cocktail Hour music at a wedding reception, there may not be a more popular playlist than this Rat Pack Era inspired mix. There is just something timeless about listening to the soothing voices of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, Etta James, Louis Armstrong, and other classical jazz vocalists, while sipping cocktails and mingling with family and friends. Whether your wedding’s theme is sophisticated, classy, traditional, timeless, or any combination of the aforementioned,  this Classic Crooners Cocktail Hour playlist will set the perfect mood and atmosphere.

Kendall & Donald | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ
Reception Recaps

Kendall & Donald

Kendall & Donald designed their wedding ceremony and reception with a Great Gatsby-esque theme, which to me meant presenting their celebration with a classic vibe and concluding with an epic party. And as evident by the video above, their wedding reception was exactly that, as the Bellevue Club was transformed into an upscale nightclub for one night only.

90s Hip-Hop & R&B Songs That Still Crush Weddings, Vol. 1 | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ

90s Hip-Hop & R&B Songs That Still Crush Weddings, Vol. 1

Aww yeah! As a kid growing up in the 90s who never got into grunge music, there were two genres I really liked: country and hip-hop music. To this day, when I opt to listen to some hip-hop and r&b, I listen to the songs of this “Golden Era” most of the time. And there’s so many songs to choose from! More than likely, I will do a couple of versions of this playlist as most of my brides and grooms love to get down to some 90s hip-hop and/or r&b at their wedding reception!

The 90s R&B Cocktail Hour Playlist | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ

The 90s R&B Cocktail Hour Playlist, Volume One

Back when I used to play bars and nightclubs, I would play a ton of 90s R&B to start off the night. In my opinion, no other genre of music set a better atmosphere, mood, and/or tone for a good party like some great uptempo 90s R&B. As it turns out, with a little bit of research and proper programming, it’s also a great genre to feature during the Cocktail Hour at a wedding reception.

Jessica & Adam | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ
Reception Recaps

Jessica & Adam

I take great pride in the fact that so many of my friends from Sumner High School have asked me over the years to be a part of their wedding vendor team. First, there was Andrea & Bryan, then Janet, and now, I can add Jessica to that list, as her and Adam had a beautiful wedding celebration over Labor Day Weekend at Swans Trail Farm in Snohomish, Washington. And for Jessica, it couldn’t have been more perfect: her beloved WSU Cougs beat Wyoming, and the UW Huskies lost to LSU.
Together, Jessica & Adam are a really fun couple who have the perfect chemistry; plus, their hobbies, interests, and personalities really balance each other out. And they genuinely like each other and have a playful friendship, which I observed multiple times throughout the entire planning process. But most importantly of all, they have a fantastic core group of friends that made for a fun evening! While their wedding could be described as a bit more intimate in terms of guest count, that didn’t stop Jessica, Adam, and their friends from GETTING DOWN on the dance floor as I mixed Top 40 hits and classic party favorites. And when I dropped “Pony” by Genuine? Easily the highlight of the night. Easily.

Brooke & Dana | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ
Reception Recaps

Brooke & Dana

The moment I knew Brooke & Dana’s wedding was going to be awesome? When they informed me that they selected Harold Faltermeyer’s “Top Gun Anthem” for their ceremony’s Recessional. (Well, that and the fact I had done Brooke’s brother’s wedding at Roche Harbor two years prior; I love the Powers family!) Brooke & Dana are a great couple: fun, easy-going, upbeat, and very social, which was perfectly reflected during the duration of their wedding reception.

Casey & Kody | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ
Reception Recaps

Casey & Kody

Kody is a tech for a orthotics and prosthetics company, who I clicked with while talking about sports and our favorite pairs of Air Jordans. Casey is his stunningly beautiful bride, who shared some hilarious stories of her experiences as a junior high school teacher, and patiently listened to Kody and me talk sports and Air Jordans. Together, they hosted one of the finest weddings I’ve every been a part of at Laurel Creek Manor in Sumner, Washington – every detail (food, drinks, the Mirror Booth, desserts, dancing, and more!) was designed with their guests enjoyment in mind – capped off with a surprise fireworks show that was kept secret from their family and friends until the very end.

Kyle & Jamie | Tony Schwartz: Wedding MC & DJ
Reception Recaps

Kyle & Jamie

Kyle & Jamie’s wedding reception last night was absolute MAGIC last night. There’s a moment at every wedding reception where I begin to sense it – in this case, their Wedding Party Introduction sequence which set the tone for the rest of the night – and then there’s the moment where I first feel it. For me, it happened during their First Dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Tenerife Sea”, where the entire room sat still, just watching Kyle & Jamie gracefully glide on the dance floor.

“So in love, so in love.”

I couldn’t help but mouth those lyrics as I watched on from my DJ booth. At that moment, I knew it – despite the July heat that just wouldn’t go away – we were about to have an epic dance floor experience. Which is precisely what Kyle & Jamie desired.