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Real Couples. Real Weddings. Really Awesome Celebrations.

See the difference

Below are really cool weddings that star really cool people: the amazing couples that I’ve been honored to celebrate their wedding with.

Please take a moment to watch just a few of the video recaps of past wedding receptions I’ve performed at, featuring jovial couples surrounded by smiling guests of all ages filling the dance floor from the windows to the wall.

Watch dancers of all ages singing their favorite jams out loud.

Notice how lighting transforms the atmosphere.

Note the personalized song selections that cater to each client and their guests.

Feel the energy and the excitement of the best wedding reception, ever.

I believe in

Seamless Mixes

There’s something special about an open-format mix that really speaks to me. Being able to seamlessly blend hip-hop, classic rock, soul, pop, funk, and country is one of my greatest joys as a wedding DJ.

Check out the latest edition of my “One of Those Nights” mix series, and you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about.


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Tony absolutely crushed it at our wedding! Every song was absolutely what we wanted and I literally danced

All Night!

It was perfect!

Amelia + Adam

Historic 1625 Tacoma Place | Tacoma, WA