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I truly believe that no two weddings are alike. Your choice of venue, your vision for the day, and the vendors you team up with are all important decisions that require careful consideration to ensure everything comes together just right.

Whether you’re dreaming of a simple and elegant affair or a lively, all-night celebration, I’m here to help you create your own “Best Wedding, Ever” experience.

Please take a moment to review the process my clients follow below and the services I offer. If you feel a connection, check my calendar to see if your wedding date is available. If it is, let’s schedule a virtual meeting so I can better understand your vision for the big day. By the end of our conversation, I’ll provide you with a tailored recommendation for your wedding’s entertainment that’s sure to exceed your expectations.

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When it came to the actual wedding, wow. Tony rocked it. I’ve also never heard so many people talk about how much they loved the DJ. His playlist was exactly what

We had in mind.

You could tell he put so much thought and effort into our big day. Our friends and family didn’t want the night to end!

Meghan + Ben

Laurel Creek Manor | Sumner, WA

The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1


Five Months: Check-In & Get Started

The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Process: Let's Get Started

About five months before the wedding day, I’ll send you an email to kick off my signature Entertainment Planning & Design process. Over the following two months, you will have some fun homework to do. However, I promise you will find inspiration in my tried-and-true Presentation Ideas, and filling out my Planning Forms will be a breeze.

Oh, and the best part? You can do it all online in my exclusive Client Area.

Four Months: Site Visit

The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Process: Site Visit

At your option, we’ll meet at your wedding venue for a site visit. A site visit ensures I’m fully prepared to create an entertainment experience tailored to your venue and your preferences.

During our visit, we’ll tour the venue to assess the layout, discuss any logistical details or special considerations, and talk about any presentation ideas you have in mind. Plus, this visit helps us avoid any last-minute surprises on the big day, as we will confirm all technical requirements such as power outlets and setup locations.

And if you’re interested, we can also chat about adding some extra flair to your celebration with stunning production options like uplighting, photo booths, and the like. 

Three Months: Planning Meeting

The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Process: Entertainment Design

Your wedding is just three months away, so it is time to start thinking about how you want to present your ceremony and reception to your family and friends. After submitting your Planning Forms, we’ll schedule a virtual meeting where we’ll carefully go over all the details of your wedding.

Together, we’ll create your Entertainment & Production Script, ensuring every moment is personalized and memorable.

It’s more than just choosing songs and names; it’s about creating unique and memorable moments for each milestone event.

Two Months: Production & Set Design Planning

The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Process: Production Meeting

Wondering what’s in store for you and your guests at your wedding in two months? We’ll dive into all the production details during our Production & Set Design Planning meeting. We’ll discuss everything from which of my DJ booths to bring out to the dance floor lighting effects used. Plus, we’ll figure out how to make the most of any Event Enhancements you’ve chosen.

By collaborating on the design of my setup and all the production elements, we’ll create an entertainment experience that fits seamlessly with your wedding’s vision, decor, and venue.

Let your imagination run wild and dream big for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration! There are no limits here, so get ready to make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

One Month: Final Confirmation

The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Process: Final Confirmation

We’re getting close! With about one month left until your big day, it’s time to review the Entertainment & Production Script one last time to ensure every detail has been accounted for. This quick phone call acts as our dress rehearsal, giving us the final boost of confidence that everything will be just as you’ve envisioned for your special day.

Wedding Day: Let's Celebrate

The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Process: One Amazing Celebration

It’s finally here – your wedding day! By now, every little detail has been taken care of, from finalizing the Entertainment & Production Script to prepping all the production elements, including your special songs and any Event Enhancements you’ve selected. So take a deep breath, pop some champagne, and soak in every moment of your celebration with your loved ones by your side.

Trust me – the day will fly by, but rest assured, I’ll be there every step of the way, making sure everything runs smoothly. So go ahead, enjoy every second, and dance the night away! Let’s make this party one to remember!

Start Here: The Process

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The best moment of our reception was immediately after cutting the cake. All of our guests were standing around us and the cake, which was located on the edge of the dance floor. Then he played the best dancing song and the dance floor

was packed

For the rest of the night!

Sarah + Cole

Kiana Lodge | Poulsbo, WA

The Tony Schwartz Experience

Signature Services

Wedding entertainment made easy: two all-inclusive services


A beautifully executed wedding ceremony sets the stage for the entire evening. You can trust that the music will create the perfect atmosphere, and every heartfelt word and genuine moment will be captured for everyone to cherish.

Some common inclusions for the Ceremony service are (but not limited to):

  • Prelude music
  • Ceremony music
  • Production assistance/direction
  • Custom-designed sound system for the Ceremony space
  • Wireless lapel microphones
  • Wireless handheld microphones
  • Sound reinforcement for live musicians
  • Access to Tony’s exclusive Ceremony Presentation Ideas, Planning Forms, and Music Guide
  • Custom song edits
  • Studio recordings
  • Audio recording of the Ceremony


Forget about packages and cookie-cutter weddings. I offer a bespoke wedding reception experience, from Cocktail Hour to Grand Send Off, designed to make your dance floor the natural destination for celebration with your family and friends.

Some common inclusions for the Reception service are (but not limited to):

  • Cocktail Hour music
  • Dinner music
  • Signature DJ mix set performance
  • Personalized Master of Ceremonies performance
  • Behind-The-Scenes Event Direction
  • Custom-designed sound system for the Cocktail space
  • Custom-designed sound system for the Reception space
  • Access to Tony’s exclusive Client Area with Presentation Ideas, Planning Forms, and Music Guide
  • Entertainment Planning meeting
  • Final Confirmation phone call
  • Custom song edits
  • Studio recordings
  • Audio recordings of the Grand Entrance and Toasts

Event Enhancements













The Latest

Five Star Reviews


Tony is the best! We could not have been happier. Everything

Ran so smoothly

If you want to dance the night away and have a great time, hire Tony!

Courtney + Matthew

The Kelley Farm | Bonney Lake, WA

From Coast-To-Coast & Around The World

Travel & Destination Weddings

Planning a destination wedding? Count me in! I firmly believe that the key to an unforgettable wedding reception, no matter where it takes place in the world, is ensuring maximum comfort and enjoyment for your guests. Whether they’re traveling far distances or taking time off work, it’s crucial that attending your destination wedding reception is worth every moment and expense, both on the night itself and for years to come.

While you could take a chance with a local MC & DJ recommended by your destination venue, I offer a few distinct advantages for couples aiming to host the ultimate destination wedding experience:

I speak your native language.

I will understand your vision and can accommodate both American and local customs into your wedding experience.

I will work and communicates directly with your vendor team.

I will accommodate and understand your musical preferences (especially for weddings hosted internationally).

I will advocate for you, protecting the investments you are making for your celebration.

I have experience as a professional traveling wedding MC & DJ.

Amy & Joe | Rancho Los Palmas Resort

Travel & Destination Wedding Services Include:


My signature Ceremony & Reception services will be custom-tailored to suit your destination venue, wedding vision, and style perfectly.


If you’d like, I can lead your ceremony dress rehearsal, which includes coaching wedding party members on how to look their best for the ceremony.


If you’d like, I’m happy to host and provide music for your welcome dinner.

You can count on my signature style for introducing rehearsal dinner speakers, along with a lively playlist tailored to match the vibe and setting of your venue.


As the owner of an audio/visual rental company, PLAY Event Rentals, I’ll arrange to rent DJ equipment from a local, reputable provider.

In the rare event that local sourcing isn’t possible, we’ll arrange for the equipment to be shipped in.


I will handle the coordination of my ground transportation to and from your destination wedding location.


I will handle the coordination of my flights to and from your destination wedding location.


Due to the nature of my schedule, I’ll handle booking and arranging my hotel accommodation.

Note: National weddings require three-day, two-night stays. International weddings require five-day, four-night stays.



Home Airport: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

Preferred Airline Partner: Alaska Airlines or Delta Airlines

Preferred Hotel Partner: Marriott


Because I follow a specific diet (Keto Carnivore) during the wedding season, I’ll handle my meals. The per diem rates per day will vary based on your destination wedding location.


If the scope of production necessitates it, I’ll organize travel accommodations for one of my production crew members to assist me in the execution of your wedding celebration.


Tony made our wedding the best night of our lives. Having a small wedding in Palm Desert, I worried about having an empty dance floor and no flow. That wasn’t the case at all. Every single guest was out dancing all night and we still get compliments from our guests two and a half years later on how awesome he was. Being a wedding photographer myself, Tony is the only DJ I would ever recommend. He has a

Gift for Music

And people, and I am blessed to know him and his talent. I have met so many DJs over my career, and there is no one like Tony. By far the best!

Amy + Joe

Rancho Los Palmas Resort | Palm Springs, CA