A.J. & Danielle

February 26, 2011
A.J. & Danielle

There is always a moment at a wedding reception where the dance floor hits that peak moment. For A.J. & Danielle’s reception at Hotel Deca in Seattle, WA, it was when I dropped into a quick 90s boy band set featuring the Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, and Soul Decision.  Danielle and her bridesmaids literally screamed and ran from the bar to the dance floor the moment they heard “It’s tearin’ up my heart when I’m with you…” Yes, that’s my kinda night.

Up until a couple of days before the reception, I worked exclusively with Danielle, who planned the entire wedding by herself.  A.J. was in the military and was not in the Seattle area until a few days prior – so kudos to Danielle for pulling off double duty: her day job at the IRS and wedding planning.

So Danielle and I planned a fantastic wedding reception experience incorporating A.J.’s military traditions as much as possible. It took some strong coordination and direction behind-the-scenes, but the memories every guest took away justify the effort. What a fun and memorable night!

A.J. thank you for your service and sacrifice to this country. I wish both you and Danielle the best of luck and success in all you do.

Tony Schwartz

A.J. & Danielle’s Five-Star Review

My wedding planning situation was somewhat complicated since my husband was living across the country and I was planning the wedding pretty much solo. Tony was more than willing to work with us and was so patient during our meetings when most of my answers were “let me call my finance and get back to you”. He was so helpful in creating the overall vision and flow of the wedding and was willing to re-do some of the vision at the last minute once my fiance and I were able to meet with him together only a week before the wedding. From first contact, he was always accessible via email and was quick with answers to questions and scheduling meetings. Overall I don’t think that the wedding would be nearly the success that it was without Tony, our guests had a fantastic time and it was a night to truly remember. Tony is a great asset and should be booked without hesitation.

Musical Selections

Cocktail Hour: Big Band & Crooners

Dinner: Contemporary Crooners

Formal Selections

Dancing: Oldies, 70s, 80s, 90s, Top 40

Photo Courtesy: C2 Photography