Lucas & Bethany

September 27, 2014
Lucas & Bethany

After most high-energy weddings, it typically takes a few hours for me to burn off the extra adrenaline that comes from performing. Fortunately, Swiftwater Cellars at Suncadia Resort is a nice two-hour drive home – by the time my head hit the pillow back home, any remaining energy from Lucas & Bethany’s wedding was spent. What an evening of celebration it was for this amazing couple and their family and friends!

I believe it only takes five elements to host the perfect wedding reception, and Lucas & Bethany nailed it:

  1. Venue – Swiftwater Cellars is one of my favorite wedding venues in the state. Simply put, it’s magical and well worth the trip for any recently engaged couple touring possible venues.
  2. Food – Simply put, I would drive two hours just to eat at the restaurant at Swiftwater. Top-notch work by its culinary team – the food is always delicious.
  3. Alcohol – It’s a wine cellar. Add in some beer and liquor, and you have the perfect trifecta of libations.
  4. People – Hosting over 250 of their family and friends, just look at the photos above and below – Lucas and Bethany’s guests came to celebrate!
  5. Entertainment – That’s where I come in… 😉

One of my favorite parts about working with my clients is incorporating the element of surprise. In this case, Bethany surprised Lucas with their First Dance song selection; for the longest time, Lucas thought Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” would be the song playing for their First Dance. However, when Sam Hart’s “Mario Kart Love Song” began to play, the reaction on his face was priceless. Pure awesomeness in an unforgettable moment. Well done, Bethany.

After finishing the formalities, we were left with about two-and-a-half hours to dance, drink, eat and celebrate before sending Lucas & Bethany off with a sparkler exit. And celebrate they did, as I threw everything at them: Motown to Country, Disco to Top 40, and nearly everything in between. DJing is about feeding off the energy of the dancers and vice-versa – and Lucas & Bethany’s guests brought it for 150 minutes without a single lull in the dance floor. That’s unheard of at most weddings. Two days later, I woke up to the following post on my Facebook wall from Bethany:

“I knew you were good, but I didn’t know you were THAT good! Thank you so much for being an amazing MC and D.J. for our wedding, Tony. People can’t stop telling me how awesome you were!”

Well, it helps to have an AMAZING group of family and friends. So thank you to Bethany, Lucas, and each and every one of your 260+ guests. Y’all were awesome at one of the best receptions of 2014. 🙂

Tony Schwartz

Musical Selections

Prelude: Soft Acoustic Guitar Selections, Soft String Quartet Selections

Ceremony Selections

Cocktail Hour: Soft Classic Crooners, Soft Contemporary

Grand Entrance (Wedding Party): Allen Stone – “Say So”

Grand Entrance (Lucas & Bethany): James Brown – “I Feel Good (I Got You)”

Dinner: Mid-tempo Crooners, Mid-tempo Contemporary

Formal Selections

Dancing: Motown, Disco, Rock & Roll, 80s, 90s, 00s, Top 40, Hip-Hop, Funk, Country

Photos Courtesy: JordanQuinn Photography